Suzanne Santoro

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  1. Marianne K 6 years ago

    Your work is amazing and I shouldn’t say work because for you it’s your life and it’s your fun and it’s your excitement, your everything!
    Thank you for sharing I absolutely love seeing all the beautiful pictures that you take.

  2. Cheryl Phillips 6 years ago

    Beautiful and inspiring!

    • Sabrina 4 years ago

      Just WOW! Keep up the great job of capturing true beauty!🤩

  3. Joyce 6 years ago

    Sue, your photography is marvelous!
    I have one of your early works hanging in my home and I get to enjoy it every day!
    Thank you for sharing your talent!!

  4. Marilyn 6 years ago

    Sue’s pictures are breathtaking!! I have one in my dining room which I admire everyday. Can’t wait for the show!!

  5. Janice L. Witheridge 6 years ago


  6. Joseph 6 years ago

    Awesome photos! Love it! Sue Santoro is a unique talent!

  7. Joseph 6 years ago

    Love her work. Sue is a unique talent. She sees things the rest of us don’t.

    • David Kearney 2 years ago

      Good for you Suzanne! I’m sorry we lost touch! You truly are gifted!

  8. Tiffany 6 years ago

    Sue, your words and photographs are beautiful. You are an inspiration!

  9. joel 6 years ago

    Absolutely fabulous sue. Really really beautiful works of art thank you for the privilege of seeing your work.


  10. Janice Witheridge 6 years ago

    Wow!! So many moving photos it was hard to limit my choices to just a few!! “Sunrise in Pink” is my favorite photo. The pink shimmer in the waves is stunning as is the teal-ish color of the foamy waves. The amazing sunrise just adds to beauty of this photograph. “Winter Snowfall” practically looks like a painting!! Delicate yet Powerful!! “Ocean Spray” looked like multitudes of fountains rising from the sea. And finally, “Flowing” which, to me, depicts a Unicorn, maybe a Pegasus, on the left side facing right, facing a Panda, on the right, in light play. Again, just my, perceptions of magnificent photographs!!

  11. Rob 6 years ago

    Sue Your Photos captures so Much beauty in the world. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  12. Stephanie Monticello 6 years ago

    Amazing.these pieces truly speak to me.Each one in their own unique way. I truly enjoyed each and every photo I look forward to getting to know your art down the road

  13. Lori 6 years ago

    I love love the subject material and how you capture it. Its great to hear somebody speak about photography as you do, and I am so happy that you found yourself exactly where you should be; that you walk out your front door to see such beauty to share with us.

  14. Carl Hill 6 years ago

    Sue, your work is truly aww inspiring! These photos are truly full of your beautiful heart, and your open, beautiful eyes! They are so truly a direct reflection of your love, respect, and true love of your surroundings! I truly love your works of beauty, thank you so very much for sharing, and all your appreciation and love of your beach and surrounding areas!

  15. HowDoYouSecureABelt 6 years ago

    Wow Sue, really cool 🙂
    My favorite has to be ‘Ocean Spray’, but they’re all great!

  16. Anthony 6 years ago

    These photographs are absolutely beautiful you have a real talent

  17. Joseph 6 years ago

    The new photos are inspired! The colors! Keep them coming!

  18. Lisa 6 years ago

    Your pictures are so inspiring. So beautiful. Your really good at what you do. Keep it up & keep posting because I love looking at your pictures.

  19. BobdBuilder 6 years ago

    Doing what you do can be a vulnerable path.
    Your work gives in a deeply personal way. Thank you for presenting it with an open heart.
    Not everyone can be so fearless.

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